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The Seaford Chick-fil-A utilizes a values based hiring method. This means that we place a greater focus on hiring team members who will be a great fit within our restaurant than we do on past experience and skills. Before making application you are encouraged to study this profile to see if you will be excited about being a member of our team.


Core Values

  • Excellence - Continually raising the bar for ourselves and for others, to say no to things that will have a negative impact on other commitments

  • Integrity - Making the right decision for the right reasons honoring each other and the Chick-fil-A brand

  • Generosity - Looking to the needs of others first, supporting the team and community through an exceptionally profitable operation

  • Loyalty - Upholding the Chick-fil-A brand promise in all actions; protecting, encouraging, and challenging one another at every opportunity



The Seaford Chick-fil-A will provide a remarkable team member and guest experience by making second mile service second nature.



The Seaford Chick-fil-A will be a highly profitable business that uses innovative methods to provide a remarkable team member and guest experience. The restaurant will be an integral member of the community focusing support on education and leadership development.



  • We will have a “my pleasure” culture serving fellow team members and all guests with honor, dignity, and respect.

  • We will create a cultivating leadership culture where leaders intentionally prepare, plant, grow, nurture, and launch team members.

  • We will strive to have a shadowless culture creating trust within the team by humbly addressing conflict with each other.

  • We will create a culture of calling helping team members understand and grow in their God given purpose.


Core Four

  1. Make eye contact – this is a great way to show someone that you are trying to connect with them, whether it’s a guest or a fellow team member.

  2. Smile - it shows that you care.

  3. Speak enthusiastically - show that you are interested and enjoying your work.

  4. Stay connected - build relationships with the team and our guests.


Second Mile Service

Don’t simply do what is expected - take it to the next level, go the extra mile. Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy says, “If you want to make a difference, step over the line and into that second mile, because something magical happen there. There’s joy and fun and reward in that second mile.”


Operational Excellence

Develop trust with guest by meeting quality requirements all day, everyday.

  • Taste - serve crave-able food

  • Safety - always follow food safety protocols, if you are not sure ask

  • Speed - be surprisingly fast

  • Personal - enthusiastically execute the Core Four

  • Cleanliness - maintain an exceptionally clean environment